The Perle Systems IRG7440 5G Router and Gateway enables secure communications with multiple back-end systems

Perle Systems has announced the IRG7440 5G Router and Gateway which is certified for international operation.

5G router that doesn’t require an annual subscription or license fee to access features, maintain operation, or download software updates. All features and functionality are included in the base price of the product at no cost or additional charge.

The Perle IRG7440 5G Router provides fast, secure and reliable 5G network connectivity when a user needs primary or backup 5G NR or CAT20 LTE coverage for business-critical equipment. The IRG7440 router is ideal for IoT/M2M network access applications such as IP camera surveillance systems, digital signage or smart lockers, or for processing IoT data at the edge by connecting industrial equipment, remote data loggers or detection devices.

The IRG7440 5G Router is designed to take advantage of the reliability and flexibility of the cellular network to minimize downtime, reduce service calls, and bring branch offices and temporary sites online faster than other solutions. However, Perle plans to be a disruptor in the enterprise-class industrial router space by not charging an annual subscription or license fee.

John Feeney, COO at Perle Systems, comments, “Perle’s approach has always been to design reliable hardware, using high-end components from trusted chipmakers, that run a comprehensive and robust set of software features. As we add new features and improve functionality, we have always made them available to our customers at no additional cost. It’s been our business model since day one.

The IRG7440 router is ideal as a 5G failover and out-of-band management solution, but it can also be deployed in 3G or 4G environments while ensuring a smooth and seamless transition to 5G as these networks become more widely available over time. time. If a wired link is down, the IRG7440 will maintain network access with automatic failover to a cellular network. Many conditions can be configured to automatically trigger a failover.

Extensive routing protocol support (RIP, OSPF, BGP-4, IPv4, IPv6, OpenVPN, IPSec VPN and DHCP), built-in zone-based policy firewall, 2-factor authentication and remote authentication management (RADIUS, TACACS+) ensure the Industrial 5G Router IRG7440 will integrate seamlessly with enterprise systems in hierarchical or large-scale mesh network structures to control access to devices on the field and protect internal networks from unauthorized users.

With 16 concurrent VPN sessions and 3DES encryption, the IRG7440 protects data privacy and secure communications to multiple back-end systems. Additionally, end-to-end protection of the software upgrade process protects devices against unwanted malware.

These advanced routing and security features also make the IRG7440 5G Router the ideal primary router solution for pop-up stores or branch offices with limited IT resources. The IRG7440 will function as a 5G router and four-port 10/100/1000 Ethernet switch in a single-box solution with both IPv4 and IPv6 supported on both WAN and LAN sides.

The relatively low cost of cellular networks for business continuity means better ROI and greater scalability for multiple sites with limited IT resources. By deploying a Perle IRG7440 5G router, businesses will have on-demand network connectivity that is quick to set up, simple to manage, and guarantees maximum uptime.

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