Omnitracs Partners With PrePass Safety Alliance To Provide Integrated Solution That Improves Rider Experience

DALLAS – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Omnitracs, LLC, a Solera company, today announced that it has partnered with PrePass Safety Alliance to deliver PrePass on its Omnitracs One platform. Fleets that access the PrePass app will be able to bypass weigh stations, improving driver satisfaction with fewer inspection stops and exceeding customer expectations with faster delivery of loads, while lowering net costs associated with idling time and fuel consumption. Directly integrated with Omnitracs One, the weighing station bypass information will be available along with all other fleet activities, on a converged platform.

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, preliminary inspections cost a fleet five minutes to travel and 0.4 gallons of fuel per truck. More importantly, secondary inspections cost 30 minutes of driving time and increase the risk of potential violations and out-of-service notifications. According to the Alliance, PrePass trucks bypass an open and functioning weigh station, on average 12.3 times per month, saving a typical fleet of 100 trucks more than $ 128,000 each year.

“We are delighted to offer our customers the PrePass app through Omnitracs One,” commented Mick Milnark, vice president of product management at Omnitracs. “By providing this essential information through the easy-to-use app on our Omnitracs One platform, fleets do not need to install additional equipment in their cabins, and drivers benefit from an integrated app to access crucial information that helps them achieve their goal. one-off goals. The ability to add the PrePass app is further proof demonstrating the adaptability of the Omnitracs One platform, giving customers the flexibility to choose the apps that best meet the needs of their individual fleet.

With the PrePass app, drivers are notified of an upcoming weigh station when they cross a geographic fence three kilometers away. PrePass then checks carrier credentials, safety scores, and vehicle weights, if applicable, to determine the bypass decision. Drivers receive a notification on Omnitracs One to bypass or enter the weigh station, all while the truck is traveling at highway speed. In addition, fleets receive mobile safety ALERTS for work areas, traffic jams, upcoming collisions, brake checks, ramps, traffic incidents, rest areas, gusts of wind , steep slopes, truck parking, weather alerts and areas closed to commercial vehicles.

“This partnership between Omnitracs and PrePass Safety Alliance brings together two US-based organizations known for providing efficient and cost-effective solutions to help fleets make safe and on-time deliveries to their customers. We are delighted to deliver PrePass on the Omnitracs One platform, ”commented Mark Doughty, President and CEO of PrePass Safety Alliance. “With more than 650,000 commercial vehicles from prequalified fleets currently benefiting from our service, we know that integrating PrePass with Omnitracs One will save motor carriers even more time, fuel and money. ”

About Omnistracs

Omnitracs, a Solera company, offers the only comprehensive fleet intelligence software platform. Serving the largest rental and private fleets in the transportation and distribution industries, Omnitracs’ industry-leading solutions accelerate business success, improve efficiency and enhance the driver experience for the nearly 15,000 customers who collectively travel 700 million kilometers per week. Omnitracs pioneered digital transformation in trucking over 30 years ago and today offers a one-stop shop for data-driven business solutions for compliance, telematics, workflow, routing and video security. Based in Dallas, Omnitracs serves customers in more than 50 countries and employs more than 2,000 people worldwide. Recently, Omnitracs launched the Road Ahead podcast, a new series that explores industry innovations with guest hosts. Click here to subscribe. For more information, visit

About the PrePass Safety Alliance

PrePass Safety Alliance is a non-profit public-private partnership that aims to make highways safer and more efficient through innovative data-driven solutions. As the only US-based weigh station bypass service, PrePass helps more than 650,000 trucks in more than 77,000 fleets save time, fuel and money. States benefit from PrePass by pre-authorizing qualified highway carriers to safely bypass inspection and weighing facilities at highway speeds. In addition to the state-of-the-art RFID transponder and PrePass app, PrePass services also include electronic toll payment, ALERTS â„¢ and INFORM â„¢ Safety and Tolling mobile safety data analysis applications. To date, the Alliance has invested more than $ 800 million nationally to deploy services that improve safety, reduce truck emissions and preserve road infrastructure. For more details, visit

About Solera

Solera is the preeminent global leader in data intelligence and technology serving all stakeholders involved in vehicle lifecycle management. Solera’s data-driven intelligence is unmatched, with more than one billion transactions per year, and provides critical solutions to minimize complexity and reduce friction at all touch points in the vehicle lifecycle. Solera’s solutions enable smarter decision-making through software, enriched data, proprietary algorithms and machine learning that come together to deliver insights to our customers and accelerate business results. Solera serves more than 235,000 global customers and partners in more than 90 countries on six continents. Building on its market-leading solutions, Solera offers unmatched scalability and strength with superior performance while delivering innovation to drive the industry forward. For more information, visit

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