DVIDS – News – 688th Cyberspace Wingman Reaches Greater Heights

Technical Sergeant. Kyle Bellone, 688th Cyberspace Wing Command Chief Executive was recently selected to attend Officer Training School at Vandenberg Space Force Base, California to become a Missile Officer.

Nuclear and Missile Operations Officers lead and manage the United States’ unparalleled nuclear and missile capabilities by evaluating the effectiveness of missile operations systems, incorporating new technologies, and developing future plans for systems, facilities and staff.

Bellona’s previous units include the 690th Cyberspace Control Squadron as a crew commander for AMAC and the 693rd Intelligence Support Squadron at Ramstein Air Force Base where he served as a cybersecurity supervisor.

Bellone enlisted 8 years ago as a 1D7 systems operator and says that if he changes career fields, he will look for ways to put his cyber expertise to use in nuclear and missile operations.

“I will be looking for ways to revamp and refine cybersecurity on missile silos,” the Louisville, Kentucky native said.

“I don’t want to lose my cyber knowledge and I want to continue to develop it alongside my new role and add value throughout my career.”

“When I learned that I was selected, I was delighted,” said Bellone. “That was awesome, Col. [James] Hewitt (688th Cyberspace Wing Commander) informed me at the front office, I received early notification.

Bellona is the first person in his family to serve in the military.

“I’ve always had an interest, in fact when I was a kid I wanted to be a fighter pilot and in high school I pursued my private pilot license.”

Bellone went on to earn her bachelor’s degree from the University of Kentucky with a double major in psychology and sociology.

He enlisted shortly after graduating.

Bellone’s proven track record of character and drive has made him a candidate for challenging senior management opportunities and assignments.

He was recently tapped to fill the position of Deputy Assistant Director General of the 16th Air Force and has since returned to a vital position with the 688th Cyberspace Wing Command Action Group.

“I love seeing tasks come to fruition, achieving goals motivates me,” Bellone said.

“It’s like acquiring a tick – I’m always dedicated to the task, no matter how big or small. It’s important to me to do my best to make it successful.

Bellone said he had never been at the wing level before and was overwhelmed to see all the units’ responsibilities.

“I want to use the knowledge I learned at the Wing level to do my part to improve the Air Force.”

He credited Col. Jeffrey Blankenship, Col. James Hewitt with pushing him down this path. He also thanked Senior Master Sgt. Brianna Oberg for pushing him to GM and out of his comfort zone.

“I would never be where I am without my past and present leadership, I am eternally grateful for this opportunity,” Bellone said.

“My advice is to be confident enough to step out of your comfort zone, if you do, good things will happen for you.”

Bellone says he plans to continue aiming for success after OTS. He wants to pursue his master’s degree in cybersecurity and one day become a squadron commander.

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