Culture of hegemony trying to prevent other states from progressing

“Human knowledge is proud of Iranian scientists. The history of Iranian civilization began with science and knowledge and was elevated by Islamic culture which founded its pillars on heavenly thoughts. The holy religion of Islam constantly invites human beings to education for the purpose of administering justice and expanding spirituality,” Iranian President Ebrahim Raeisi said Monday afternoon local time in New York City during the summit. Transforming Education organized by UNESCO.

“Progress and development are among the major concerns of all countries. Although on different occasions countries have implemented international recommendations and prescriptions in this regard, serious challenges have also arisen for the indigenous and national cultures of countries around the world,” he added.

“We believe that to address educational challenges we must identify their root causes. We have been fundamentally critical of international bodies’ reading and interpretation of contemporary world history and their classification of problems If our cause is to create a dignified life and a safe world, we must refrain from providing a one-sided gathering of globalization, and instead emphasize the role play of all parties in approaches multilateralism,” noted the Iranian president.

He went on to say, “The Islamic Republic of Iran believes that development, education, family, justice and spirituality should not be looked at as separate and unrelated entities. Any initiative concerning development and the satisfaction of human needs should also include educational and moral aspects. At the same time, the family must be placed at the center of the initiative. Of course, when we say family, we mean it in the true sense of the term and not self-made versions of a family that lead to the extinction of humanity. Development, if not accompanied by spirituality and ethics, will not be sustainable and will lead to the degeneration of society. Cultural domination and the blockade of knowledge are the worst forms of oppression and injustice.

“Unfortunately, the culture of hegemony sees its advantages in preventing other countries from developing and creating an unjust world order, misusing international bodies and establishing their own cultural and thought systems, are trying to prevent other countries from progressing and developing,” Raeisi said. .

“Here is our question: should education and above all the human being be at the service of sustainable development or should sustainable development be put at the service of the human being? If the transformation of education does not lead to the progress and development of humanity, it will only We expect international bodies to respect the right to cultural and educational sovereignty of all countries and to protect them against cultural invasion. A transformation of education without paying attention to “family, justice and spirituality” would not be possible”, says the president.

“We must focus on moral values, including family honor, respect for the environment, justice, rejection of violence and extremism, and the creation of a safe, moral, clean and efficient, as our priorities for education transformation,” he added.

The Iranian President underlined: “Accordingly, the Islamic Republic of Iran has codified its educational transformation document based on the Iranian-Islamic educational philosophy and, therefore, has not only relied on the one-dimensional secular approaches mentioned in the 2030 Document. With the aim of improving the quality of the new Iranian educational system, we have moved from a program based on memorization to a program based on research, innovation, acquisition skills and commitment to education and cultural and religious values. of Iran is also ready to ensure the dialogue of interaction with others within the framework of its educational system which is based on exalted and elevated human values.


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