County to continue discussions on Highway 40x route


Grande Prairie County will once again look to move forward with the province when it comes to protecting the land needed to bypass the long-discussed Highway 40x East. This, after council members asked county staff to reconnect with Alberta Transportation on the now five-year plan to link Highway 43 east of Grande Prairie to Highway 40 south of the city.

Warden Leanne Beaupré says that after the completion of the East Connector survey in 2016, they had a general idea of ​​what the proposed bypass alignment would look like, including a Bear Creek crossing. She says the important step now is to take the data already collected and try to secure the future space for the proposal.

“We even went so far as to do a tabletop exercise, which was really beneficial as it showed us where the access would be across Bear Creek,” she says.

“This project has kind of stalled over the last few years… and we know it’s easier to protect the route and right-of-way now for future investment.

Beaupré says this is the third provincial government the region is working with on the project, but she understands that each government that comes into power has its own mandate on infrastructure projects. She says taking action to protect land needed for work takes precedence in other jurisdictions.

“As we have seen in the past, the previous government did the work and protected the route for future projects such as the Anthony Henday to the north, and even if you look at the ring road around the southwest part of the city of Calgary, it has had its challenges, ”she said.

“But, these were alignments, many years ago, they had already had a discussion of where they should go once they made the investment.”

Completion of the Highway 40X East connector has not been approved and no timeline is known for this decision.


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