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The 6 most financial mistakes made by all

About 60 million Brazilians are indebted and the trend of this number is only increasing. Are you a part of this majority or do you know how to manage your finances? Take control of your financial life by avoiding these 6 financial mistakes made by everyone.

Lack of planning

Lack of planning

Ordinary habits can negatively impact the financial life, such as going to the market and bringing home more than you should buy or eat on the street when you have food at home.

These everyday behaviors are a consequence of lack of planning.

A practical solution is to organize shopping list before going to the supermarket, and if you want to buy something out of the budget ask these three questions to yourself:

“Do I really need this?” “I have money to buy?” “Can I wait to buy it later?”

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Misuse of credit card

Misuse of credit card

Credit card is one of the greatest financial facilities that exist, and at the same time a real villain of financial control.

That’s because it gives you the feeling that you can afford it, but at the end of the month the small and harmless purchases become very high values. Be cautious!

You need to be careful not to extrapolate your credit card usage and get into debt.

Prefer shopping in sight, besides not leaving you in debt you can still get some discount.

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Delaying debts

Delaying debts

Any outstanding debt should not be delayed, keep reminders in your vision or schedule an alarm not to pay interest.

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Do not save money for emergencies

It is not even necessary to say how vital it is to save money for emergencies.

Imagine that your car breaks down and maintenance is extremely high, or you need to do some surgery that totally goes beyond your budget.

That’s what the emergency fund is for, as the old saying goes, better safe than sorry.

  • How to save to have an emergency fund

Think only in the short term

Think only in the short term

Setting goals and objectives is key to helping us chart a path to achieve what we dream.

Therefore, thinking only in the present distances us from the possibility of traveling to Europe or even build the house so dreamed.

Establish where you want to go and what steps to achieve your dreams by aligning your budget in the short and long term.

Spend a lot on parties and weekends.

Spend a lot on parties and weekends.

Who does not love parties and the weekends? And no problem at all, the big mistake is in the heat of the moment spending a lot on parties and weekends not respecting the spending limit.

Make sure you prioritize the really important parties, such as birthdays of loved ones, and look for programs that do not suck your money so much on weekends.

Instead of going to bars every Saturday, go to the movies once in a while, or do a movie marathon at home.

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